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RAD wants to see you get the most out of life by discovering your healthiest, happiest self. Our education merges ancient wisdoms with the latest scientific discoveries in the fields of epigenetics, neuroplasticity, nutrition, physiology, performance, and physical resiliency. The application of the science of health generation takes on new life within each of RAD's courses.

You supply the desire and we will show you the way. 

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This one's obvious- no one likes boring stuff! We want you to enjoy every minute of your RAD education (and we're not that great at being stuffy, anyway). Plus, in the end, we believe being healthy is all about enjoying life. It takes energy and vitality to do the things you love in life, so let's pump some of that into this education as well.


RAD's education is holistic in every sense of the word, taking into account all aspects of the human experience. Our programs are distilled from many paradigms- ancient and modern, eastern and western. We believe that your health is an expression of every factor in your life, even those you might not have considered before.


When it comes to making lifestyle changes, we know that cutting through the confusion to find a clear path is essential. Once the decision to make a change is made, "Okay, so what do I do now?" must be answered. Additionally, to be able to stay consistent, we know those steps need to be realistic, deliver fast results, and make sense in our daily lives.

Your Best Self is Waiting...

Start the most fun and rewarding journey of your life. Join the RAD community and find out how much joy and vitality your body is capable of experiencing .


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